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i’m three away from my next fifty wtf

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my brother just came into my room so excited to show me these photos of a pigeon he met


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Outfits of the Day! Comfy favorites!

I like #2 the best

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Okay looks like i’m seriously going to have to MAKE IT WELL KNOWN ABOUT THESE BINDERS.

See these tags? They are the emblem of a binder company that sells very, VERY cheap binders. Why do I have a problem with this company? The material they choose to use to make binders out of.

That material is not stretchy or elasticated whatsoever. They are basically the same as an ACE bandage and caused me problems quite similar to said bandages. What problems you say?

  • Skin tears, rubbing, bruising, swelling etc.
  • Irritates skin and causes rashes and general soreness, pinches skin, etc.
  • Trouble breathing, constricting, unforgiving material.
  • Only for smaller cup sizes (small C MAX)

The longest i’ve been able to wear one is for two hours and I couldn’t breathe properly, I had rib bruising afterwards and my breasts were so sore that without support afterwards the ache was killer. I am only a large A cup.

This material is NOT binding material and not good for your skin elasticity either. It hurts, it pulls, it scratches, it’s painful. Please please PLEASE do not get these binders, they can do by the names of:

SHO/XX/FE/JJ/JJ’s/E.V.A/OZ/Whorl Weave/GL/SOHOEVA (bolded are the most common names)

Please remember a good quality binder is made of stretchy material, you are able to breathe properly and while they cost more, your body will thank you for it in the future! Good quality binders come from:

  1. Underworks (which I will forever recommend the 967)
  2. LesLoveBoat (good for zipper binders!)
  3. T-Kingdom (also good for zipper binders and different types)
  4. Mansculpture (hook and eyelet binders too)
  5. MangoProducts (another one I recommend!)

I’m not attacking you if you can’t afford a better quality binder but please do not use these for long term use, save your money and get a good quality binder. Dysphoria will only worsen if your body isn’t taken care of :C


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I decided to bleep out the lines on “I’m a Boss Ass Bitch” so I can listen to it properly in church. 


I had high expectations and I was not let down

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I just found the best Facebook page

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I wonder if Christine Baranski has ever discovered personal strength and feminism whilst also defending her life and the life of others with animalistic instinct and rage. 

I wonder if Christine Baranski has ever been on vacation alone in a women’s-only compound in rural Kenya. The short break was dedicated to finding inner peace and eliminating the stressors from her work on the set of How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000). She has dinner in the mess hall with some of the other women and is nursing her goats milk when suddenly she sees torches miles away in the darkness. The other women are terrified, apparently a militant group of extremists have been targeting westerners in order to gain money and political power. One of the women recognizes Christine as a celebrity and begs her “Ms. Baranski, we must hide you, an A-list celebrity is the perfect target for this group!” Christine narrows her eyes and utters but a single sentence:

"Get me a sling blade."

The other women hide in a broom closet as Christine sets fire to a cart of hay, providing light and a violent message to the men who threaten her. With sling blade in hand, she stands unflinching in a sateen nightgown. Barefoot and brooding, she digs her acrylics into the hickory handle. 

As the shadows of the four men get closer Christine yells out a powerful warning

"If you pass the gate, your blood will run on my blade."

The torches stop moving forward, and then hesitate for a few moments before they begin their retreat. Christine Baranski stands guard for the rest of the night while chewing on a piece of beef jerky.

I wonder if that is something that has happened before. 

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mileslunamoon asked: joel heyman or miles luna

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A system update is available for your life. Do you want to apply the update right now?”

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