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There is an important distinction between not giving a fuck about what other people think of you and not giving a fuck about other people’s feelings.
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lol follow my personal its just me being sad and talking about collars

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Havin a boy day

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Why are girl jean pockets so short?

Where else am I supposed to put the shards of the glass ceiling when I break it?

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Going to London!



pip pip cheerio and some other bullshit

I’ll be on a time change, so posting will not be at my normal time of EST!

Love you guys, see you regularly in a week!

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Millie’s Hidey Hole/Thinking Room (x)

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Somewhere off the Los Santos shore…

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"I’m doing it on purpose."

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It was important.

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If you’re a girl and you hit, punch, or physically harm your boyfriend in any way it’s still considered abuse and you’re equally as much of a piece of shit as any guy that hits his girlfriend. Seriously the amount of girls that disagree with this is ridiculous, and they’re all fucking stupid. Sorry not sorry.

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okay yeah thats a nice otp youve got there but have you thought about them grinding in frilly/lace/silk panties????????

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Candy Candy
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